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Caligula Flatrate Brothel Berlin

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Young prostitute at Berlin brothel Caligula

The Caligula Brothel in Berlin 10777, Germany is Berlin's favorite flatrate brothel.

The world famous sex flatrate starts at only 79.- Euro during 11 a.m. - until 6 p.m.

In the evening after 6 p.m. the brothel's entrance fee is 99.- Euro. But everything is included - you only pay once before you enter the brothel.

All drinks (e.g. branded whiskys Jack Daniel's Jim Beam, famous german beers Berliner Kindl, Schultheiss etc.) are included.

Also all sexual activities in the brothel are included in this fee. You may enjoy great live- and sexshows, drink as much as you would like and have sex with beautifull hookers as often as you wish to. It is all-included!

The sex and erotica flatrate in Berlin's biggest flat rate brothel Caligula gives you 7 days a week unlimited sex pleasure in Berlin, Germany.

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Caligula Bordell - Bordell Videos - Brothel Berlin